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Here Comes the Groom: 5 Concepts for Wedding Apparel for Men

Want to look fashionable on your wedding day?

Studies show that the average American woman spends at least $1,300 on her wedding dress. Many women spend months picking or designing their perfect dress. People mistake that only brides can have a unique fashion statement at their wedding.

Fashion for the groom often goes unnoticed and gets underappreciated. It’s crucial to remember that a wedding is about both parties. Want to come up with a unique and classy style for your wedding?

Don’t worry; we got you! Here are five concepts for wedding apparel for men. Read on to learn what should a groom wear on his wedding day.

1. Traditional Tuxedo

The traditional tuxedo is a timeless and popular choice for a man’s wedding day. However, there are still many who do not know the difference between a tuxedo and a suit. The main difference is the material used between the two.

Suits generally use the same fabric throughout the entire outfit. Tuxedos may have special lapels or satin leg stripes. Your wedding is a great opportunity to wear a tuxedo.

Tuxedos are often reserved for formal events. It can help maintain the feeling that this event is special. You may also consider your wedding’s venue and theme when deciding what to wear.

If your wedding consists of new trends, you can juxtapose it with classic elements. Wearing a tuxedo at a modern wedding can help you achieve a timeless boho effect. If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone, try wearing a tuxedo.

Each part of a tuxedo, from the jacket to your shoes, come in different styles. Choose a tuxedo style that suits your preferences and complements your best features.

2. White Suit or Tuxedo

White is the traditional color for weddings, and it’s not limited to only the bride. The groom can also rock a white outfit. It’s a stylish and elegant idea when thinking of wedding attire for grooms.

A white tuxedo is a great twist on the classic black tuxedo. Wedding fashion trends in recent years encouraged men to explore new styles. Wearing a white tuxedo is a great way to modernize your look without abandoning the tux.

A white tuxedo is an ideal look for spring or summer weddings. This is a perfect wedding outfit for formal dinner nights or summer weddings. Wearing a white tux differentiates you from the crowd but keeps you cool under the sun.

You can wear a completely white tuxedo or pair a white dress shirt and jacket with black pants. You can also wear a pair of polished black shoes and a black bowtie to complete your look.

You can also get white accessories for your tuxedo to match your bride’s wedding gown. Ensure you discuss your choice with your partner. This will allow you to create a more cohesive look for the wedding.

3. Dual Tone Attire

If you’re looking for a more laidback wedding, a suit can be a great attire choice. Suits are more versatile and are becoming trendy in the fashion industry. If you want to be more creative with your attire, try going for a dual-tone suit.

With a two-tone suit or tuxedo, you can pick an accent color to put on your lapels. If you want to modernize your look, use two similar shades. You can wear a midnight blue-toned dress shirt under a black jacket.

You can also try a silvery grey vest under a pristine white jacket. If you’re aiming for a retro look, use two high-contrast colors.

Petal pink, mauve purple, and cornflower blue are great colors in the coming year. They’re best suited for afternoon garden weddings.

Mint green and peach are great colors for a summer beach wedding. You can also try alternative colors like coral pink, cherry red, or classic blue. Sage green is another great accent color option for chic outdoor weddings.

If you’re having a fall wedding, consider burgundy or rose gold. These colors go well on a dress shirt or suit jacket.

4. Mix and Match Colors and Textures

Using bold colors on your wedding day became a recent trend. You don’t always have to settle for black, white, or an accent color. Feel free to play with unconventional colors like neutral browns and blues.

Gingham prints are now more acceptable at weddings. Emerald green and burgundy are becoming more popular choices at weddings. You can even introduce unique textures to your wedding getup.

Velvet can make your suit or tuxedo look classier or more refined. Consider pairing a velvet jacket with black slacks for a sophisticated look.

5. Play With Accessories

Your wedding attire does not only consist of a suit and tuxedo. The possibilities are endless when looking for wedding attire for grooms. If you have a more refined and simple attire, you can upgrade your look with accessories.

Suspenders can make your look more classy. If you want to add jewelry, consider using cufflinks. Cufflinks are essential when dressing up in a tuxedo.

If you’re wearing a tuxedo and are planning to use cufflinks, ensure that they match with your shirt studs. You can also introduce funky patterns to your necktie. A vest can change your two-piece look into more formal attire.

If you have notable colors in your wedding, try adding in a pocket square. This is a great opportunity to color coordinate your outfit in a subtle way. You can learn how to fold a pocket square for a wedding here.

Don’t Forget These Concepts for Wedding Apparel for Men

Looking for wedding apparel for men? Here are some great concepts to enhance your fashion and style for the wedding. From traditional tuxedos to bold and bright colors, here are some ideas to consider.

Want to learn more about the latest fashion trends? Check out our other blog posts for more updates and news.

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Improve Your Health Using Technology: Here’s How

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A lot of researches have shown the impact that technology can have on individuals wellbeing and health. With information right at our fingertips, we can all do something to improve our quality of life by simply making smarter decisions about what we eat and how much activity we are getting. Here are some vital tips:

Register with a private GP online

Patients can ask questions to speak to a GP online in the privacy of their own place and at their own time. This is extremely useful for those who are too ill to be able to make it out to their local surgery or for those who don’t have the time take a trip to the doctor in person unless absolutely necessary.

Use fitness and nutrition tracker

The importance of fitness and nutrition tracking technology in improving your health is the ability to have devices that will make it easier to understand what you’re eating and their nutritional value. This way, you can track how much you’ve consumed and nutrition you’re getting, plus your heart rate, your blood pressure, and even your sleep cycle. 

With this technology, you will be able to see the progress you make over a period of time and know exactly how to approach things to step by step to improve your overall health.

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A wearable device can continuously monitor your vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, etc., and sync this data with a smartphone or other mobile devices using Bluetooth technology. Wearable technology with proper applications will assist you in keeping healthy and fit.

Register for Online Personal Training

Online personal training can help you improve your health in ways you never thought possible, leveraging technology. An online programme lets you achieve healthy living while staying in the comfort and convenience of your home, making it much more efficient than traditional programmes. 

No matter why you want to improve your health and wellbeing, technology is a key part of health in today’s society. This article has outlined some of the many ways this can be of great benefit to you.