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What Skills Do Doctors Require?

What Skills Do Doctors Require?

Being a doctor is not only a highly sought after profession but it is one that brings with it a great amount privilege and reward both professionally and personally. The reason that people have such massive respect for doctors is because of the incredible intellect which they possess as well as the amount of years which they must dedicate to their craft.

If you have dreams of one day becoming a successful doctor such as Jonathan Lauter, you will need to possess a great amount f qualities and skills, you may be able to learn the skills but the characteristics are something which you will have to naturally possess, let’s take a look at what they are.

Hard Work

Without a strong work ethic, becoming a doctor is simply impossible, you will need to not only study extreme hard to get great grades at high school and college, but you will also be required to put in even more work once college is over and you hit med school. Even once you haven’t finished your education the work will not stop and you will need to apply yourself a great deal to do well once you start working as a doctor.

Bedside Manner

Your communication and interpersonal skills as a doctor need to be absolutely fantastic if you wish to become a great doctor. Patient care is not just about treating an illness, it is also about treating the patient, allaying any fears which they may have about their health and ultimately making them feel better about the situation that they are in. You will also need to have a great deal of empathy as a doctor, it is not uncommon to give people bad news and you need to have the right emotions to do this in the correct way.

Team Working

No matter what medicinal field it is that you are working in, there will always be a need to collaborate with other specialists and experts in order to best help your patient. In order to do this successfully you will need to be humble and understanding of other medical professionals responsibilities. Ego must be put aside when working across different sections of the hospital and as long as you have the right attitude, you can work extremely well with a variety of different medical professionals.

Always a Student

When it comes to working as a doctor, you will need to continue your studies until you have finished your career. The reason for this is that medicine is advancing all the time at quite a rate and it is vital that you stay on top of your responsibilities and what is going on in the world of medicine that may affect you. Many people think that studying is over once medical school is complete but this simply isn’t the case and even once you have attained your position as a doctor, you will need to put in a great deal of work to stay on top of things.

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Canadian Destinations to Rekindle Your Love For Nature

If you are a nature lover then Canada should most certainly be at the top of your list fo places to visit. This vast nation manages to encompass just about every type of natural environment within its borders and it offers a huge amount for tourists to discover. Owing to the size of the country, you need to be smart with your travel planning, to make sure that you are able to visit all of those spectacular natural sights that are ready and waiting for you to discover. When you do go on a trip to Canada, looking to get back in touch with nature, here are the best places that you should be aiming for.

Emerald Lake, Yukon

For animal and nature lovers, Emerald Lake in southern Yukon makes for a perfect destination. This area was given the name Emerald owing to its thick and dense green color, which both the trees and the lake have. The Yukon Wildlife Preserve is one of the best opportunities to see several of Canada’s most famous mammals. This reserve covers a vast area of over 700 acres.

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a rugged territory with a truly unique landscape. Just off the Atlantic coast here you will find Cape Bretton Island, where the Highlands National Park is situated, possibly one of Canada’s most beautiful spots. Here you will have stunning ocean views across the Atlantic Ocean as well as some of the finest vantage points to spot black bears, moose, bobcats, coyotes and the illusive red fox. As if all of this wildlife wasn’t enough, you can also take trails along the coastline which can give you a birds-eye view of whales and dolphins swimming below.

Banff National Park, Atlanta

Some of Canada’s most iconic images are those with jagged mountain ranges, peering over turquoise glacial lakes with thick forest interspersed between the two. This is exactly what you will find in Alberta’s Banff national park, a truly spectacular corner of the world. This is actually the oldest park in Canada and the region makes up over 6000 square kilometers of land. It is here that the Canadian Rockies call home, with their snow-capped peaks and dramatic landscape. Here you can take kayak tours through the lakes and rivers, hike and climb, animal spot, or simply camp out in one of the most scenic places on the planet.

Churchill, Manitoba

This area of Canada is known as the country’s polar bear capital, and a trip here will all but guarantee you a chance to witness these awesome animals in their natural habitat. As if the sight of a polar bear wasn’t enough, here you can also spot beluga whales and almost 300 different species of local birds. Beyond everything else however, seeing a polar bear up close and personal, going about its daily business, will undoubtedly be one of your biggest highlights of visiting this gorgeous region of Canada.

Why not get back in touch with nature this year and hit some of Canada’s most beautiful scenic spots.