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6 Best Water Sources in Food: Staying Hydrated Without Drinking Water

Staying hydrated is essential for your survival. 

When you don’t get enough water, your body goes into dehydration mode which can result in a variety of complications. Depending on the severity of your dehydration, you may experience anything from feeling mild fatigue and irritability to excessive sweating and fainting. 

While drinking water is a great way to stay hydrated, it can be difficult to get the recommended eight ounces of water per day. Fortunately, staying hydrated does not always require remembering to drink your water.

There are many water sources in food that can encourage hydration just as well, if not better, than water. If you struggle with drinking enough water, here are several ways to fulfill your hydration needs with foods and drinks.

1. Eat Oatmeal for Breakfast

One of the best ways to start your day off with hydration is to eat oatmeal. Oats absorb the liquid your place them in, enough to be a good source of hydration. You can eat oats as a warm breakfast or soak them overnight in the refrigerator for a cold and delicious morning meal.

2. Eat Water-Rich Foods

A great way to hydrate your body without drinking water is to eat water-rich foods. Certain fruits and vegetables, such as cucumber, strawberries, iceberg lettuce, and more, are mostly comprised of water. Eating these foods is just as beneficial to your body as drinking water.

3. Make a Healthy Smoothie

If you want to hydrate with a beverage that is not water, consider making a healthy smoothie. You can use water-rich fruits and vegetables and use water, milk, or orange juice as a base. You can supercharge your smoothie by using filtered water from your Filter Smart system.

4. Drink Coconut Water

Coconut water has been popular for years, and with good reason. This tropical water is low in sodium and carbohydrates while being rich in potassium. Drinking coconut water is a great way to hydrate your body in a healthy and delicious way.

5. Eat Broth-Based Soups

The broth-based soups you love to eat during the cold, winter months are beneficial for hydrating your body. Depending on the recipe you use, you can make a hot or cold soup that is packed with essential nutrients. This is a delicious and healthy way to ensure you are properly hydrated.

6. Drink Milk

Did you know milk can be more hydrating than water? It’s true, drinking milk helps your body retain fluids, which is an essential part of staying hydrated. As a bonus, milk can boost your bone health and is a healthy source of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and protein. 

Water Sources in Food: This Is How to Hydrate Without Drinking Water

By using these water sources in food, you can stay hydrated without drinking water.

Consider boosting your hydration by eating oatmeal for breakfast. You can also eat water-rich foods, make a healthy smoothie, or drink coconut water. Consider eating broth-based soups or drinking milk for added hydration.

Use these foods and drinks to stay hydrated throughout the day.

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Types of Fences for Front Yards

We are going through a huge boom of home improvements at the moment and everyone seems to be getting in on the act of improving their house or garden. Why not? We have spent enough time in them over the last year or so. The first impression people tend to get from your house is the fence for your front yard. All of your home and garden improvements can have a cherry on top by purchasing a practical and new looking fence. Below I have included different types of fences that will help you make your decision.

Timber Fences

If you are interested in purchasing a new fence, the first thing you will need to think about is what materials you would like for the fence itself. The most popular options tend to be timber fences and the type of timber is something you need to consider based upon your budget, how long you ideally want your fence to last and how big you want your fence to be.

A timber fence is most people’s go to, it provides the privacy and restriction needed whilst looking the part. It is a lot easier to customise compared to other materials also, in terms of timber fences Australia really likes to get creative. White or brown? Not necessarily, give your fence a snazzy look by painting it whatever colour you like. Wooden fences do tend to take longer to fit but worth it in the long run as it holds a long sturdy life expectancy.

PVC Fencing

PVC Fencing is an option if your budget is forcing you out of other materials. Granted it isn’t the sturdiest of options for fence material but it does the job that it’s supposed to. The cost is reduced as there is less timber being used on the fence. The PVC sleeves are attached on top of wooden posts and still come in a variety of colours and sizes. Definitely an option for you if price comes into play.

Wrought Iron Fencing

On the other scale of fencing, a pricier option is wrought iron fencing. Coming in many alternative designs, iron fencing offers beautiful and extremely strong fences that will draw the envy of your neighbours. The image and strength also provides a high level of security to your home. The down side of iron fences compared to say timber fences is that they have a fairly high level of maintenance to keep its aesthetically pleasing image.

Chain Link Fencing

This may not be the most aesthetically pleasing fence but a chain link fence can be extremely practical depending on your home or business. The privacy and security they provide is pretty much nonexistent, however they are very low cost, durable and are very low maintenance. It really does depend on what is needed and what you prefer for your home.

And Finally…Get Quotes

If you are still unsure about what type of fence to get, speak to professionals and get a quotation. They will ask you questions about the purpose of the fence and will be able to help point you in the right direction. Typically when it comes to timber fences Australia has various options on what works best for you. Most importantly you will be able to get that all important price.

Why You Need a Carport

Carports are a very popular option for car storage and today we are going to take a look into exactly why this is a construction which you should consider. 

The term carport originally was used to refer to a passageway through which cars would travel through upon entering a building. Genius architect Frank Lloyd-Wright saw something else in this external construction however and since his own interpretation, the carport has grown in popularity and evolved in its design. When it comes to carports Melbourne is full of them, because residents here understand the range of benefits which can be found after building one. 

These lean-to or independently built structures outside the home provide the perfect place to leave your vehicles, and here are just some of the benefits of building one. 

Protection From The Elements 

The key benefit of a carport is to protect your vehicles from the elements. In some cases this means not having to scrape frost and ice off the car in the morning before work, in others it means protecting it from any damage which hail can cause. To most of us in Australia these conditions aren’t much to worry about, but searing heat and flying debris could be, both of which your car will be protected from with a carport. 

Security Increase

Many believe that the car is not any more secure in a carport, because unlike a garage there are no locks or doors. With this being said studies have shown that vehicles stored under a carport are significantly less likely to be stolen than those which are not. Additionally insurance companies may offer a discount if your car is being stored in this way. 

Adding Value 

Carports are considered an attractive feature amongst property buyers, and building one could in fact add some value to your home. Broadly speaking 30% of the spend which you make on the carport, can expect to come back to you when you eventually sell the property

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Thanks to the smart designs which we have, as well as the bespoke options which you have to choose from, a carport can really make your home look more attractive. This adds a simple structure to your property which will help to continue the theme of the home and make the entire place feel more homely and comfortable. 

Low Cost Garage Alternative 

Many would like to have a garage on their property but if there isn’t already one there, the construction of a garage can be expensive. Even if you opted for custom carports, you will find that the overall cost pales in comparison to building a garage on site. 

Planning Permission 

Many fail to realize that they would need planning permission for a garage, which may not always be easy to obtain. Because of the simplicity of the structure and the fact that utilities aren’t required however, the construction of a carport very rarely needs permission — as it is filed under the same category as an external shed. 

This is a low cost and low effort way to make sure that your vehicles are safe, and that you add some value and attraction to your property.